Switch this forums to English - how-to

Dear visitors, goat farmers and everyone interested in taking part in discussions here

Our platform works perfectly well in 3 languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Despite the fact we’re mostly focused on Ukrainian and Russian speaking countries, some topics are bilingual (e.g. Ukr / Eng) - like this Q/A session between Ukrainian and English speaking goat farmers. In such sessions, people write in their first language and our team translate messages to the opposite language, so the topic can be read in both!

How to switch to English interface

The configuration is available via your user profile page, so you’ll need to register first.
P.S. The interface resembles the one of http://meta.discourse.org, which is the forums engine we’re using.

Step 1. Register

Click on the first blue button at the top

Stept 2. Switch to English

Once logged in, open your profile settings:

Find the setting that says “ru” and change it to “en”:

Click on the big blue button at the bottom:

Step 3. Reload the page

Reload the page in your browser, e.g. by clicking F5.

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